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The San Jose Hearing Center is a state of the art facility offering pediatric through geriatric hearing evaluations and hearing aids.



The first step in the process is to contact our Audiology Department to schedule a hearing evaluation. The results will be explained by the audiologist and recommendations will be made.  If hearing aids are recommended, an appointment will be scheduled at our Hearing Aid Center. 



Services at the Center are available to Kaiser Permanente members as well as non-members. Some Kaiser Permanente members may have partial coverage for hearing aids, but for the most part the Center operates on a fee-for-service basis. Contact the Center for more details about fees for particular services you may need.



The Hearing Aid Center fits state-of-the-art hearing aids on children and adults. A patient's first visit is a 60 minute consultation where a Kaiser audiologist will discuss a variety of hearing aid solutions that take into consideration specific listening needs as well as hearing aid style. Once patients are fitted, a month long trial is initiated where the aids are adjusted during several appointments to accommodate specific patient needs, such as telephone use and background noise. Kaiser's hearing aids are selected from prominent international hearing aid companies permitting us to offer a 3 year warranty.



The audiologists and staff at the San Jose Kaiser Permanente Audiology Department and Hearing Aid Center look forward to helping you with your hearing health care needs.

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