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Hearing Health

All too often, people take their hearing for granted, and don’t appreciate the pleasures of simple conversation or watching a movie until hearing loss makes these and other activities difficult. Keeping up your hearing health is as important as maintaining a proper diet, getting plenty of exercise, and visiting regularly with your family physician. If you’re like most people who’ve suffered hearing loss, hearing aids and more advanced technologies can help improve your hearing, allowing you to live the life you want.

At Kaiser Permanente’s Hearing Centers throughout Northern California, you can receive top-level care from audiology clinics in Sacramento, San Francisco, and many other Northern California communities. Before your visit, learn more about hearing loss and your treatment options by browsing the information on our site.

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Understanding Hearing Loss

It’s common knowledge that as we age, our ability to hear can begin to weaken. What’s not as well known by most people living with hearing loss is how diminished hearing occurs, and common factors that often contribute to hearing loss over time. Get an overview of hearing health when you read more about hearing loss.

Our Hearing Health Quiz

While there’s no substitute for a complete hearing evaluation from a trained audiologist, this brief questionnaire can give you some idea of the level of your hearing health and how your situation compares with others. When you answer all 20 multiple choice questions, you’ll be given a personalized score and more information about the steps you should take to protect or restore your hearing. Take the quiz now.

The Hearing Aid Process

In just 5 simple steps, KP makes it easy to get your perfect hearing aid.

Helpful Resources

While we strive to provide helpful and current information for our Web visitors, there are also many other useful resources on the Internet, including audiology organizations, research institutes, publications, and hearing product vendors. Here you can view other web resources to help you educate yourself about hearing loss and treatment options.

Kaiser Permanente has 19 Hearing Centers throughout Northern California where both members and nonmembers can seek hearing health care. Hearing loss currently affects about 20% of Americans or 48 million, and 1 in 3 people over the age of 65. The number of people needing hearing aids and other listening devices is sure to rise in coming years due to the aging population, workplace and environmental factors – get started protecting and restoring your hearing today by contacting your nearest Kaiser Permanente audiologist.