Our Audiologists

Our AudiologistsOur team approach to hearing health treatment means we work together to help you get results. All of our audiologists meet rigorous standards for education, training, and experience. Working together as a group, each provider can focus on providing you with high quality, personalized care while also having a network of trusted peers and the resources of Kaiser Permanente close at hand. Our audiology services are available to Kaiser Permanente members as well as people who are not members of Kaiser Permanente. Coverage for services described on this site will vary, and keep in mind that most services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Kaiser Permanente has been helping its members live well for over 60 years. Our audiologists seek to provide the same level of high quality care and service that you receive for all your other health needs. Plus, the entire team at each of our Hearing Centers is backed by the resources of Kaiser Permanente, which means you'll benefit from the latest techniques and innovations.

Find an audiologist in your area and take the next step toward improving your hearing health. To locate audiology clinics in Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, and other Northern California communities, you may search by name, or use the menus below to sort our provider list.

Our Audiologists

Julie Adamson, Au.D.
Susan Alsup, Au.D.
Tracy Bacchus
Brenda Bardasian
Gina Bargetto, Au.D.
Michelle Barry, Au.D.
Linda Barton, M.S.
Christina Becerra, M.S.
Shannon Berendes, Au.D.
Gail Bernthal, Au.D.
Stephanie Bigler
Nicole Blanck, M.S.
Claudine Buglisi, Au.D.
Sheila Burke, M.S.
Heather Burr, Au.D.
Connie Campa, M.S.
Sabra Carman, AuD
Joanna Chan, Au.D.
Garlene Cheung, Au.D.
Brenda Cole, Au.D.
Christy Cooper, Au.D.
Carolyn Cooper
Carl Croutch, Au.D.
Jennifer Dammen, M.S.
Bob Der, M.S.
Karen Dettman, Au.D.
Margaret Devane, M.S.
Melissa Deyo, M.S.
Maria (Michelle) Dias, Au.D.
Jovona Diggs, Au.D.
Marie Dixon-Brown
Linda Dyer, M.S.
Joanne Ewart, M.S.
Cindy Fetherton, Au.D.
Peggy Fritschen, M.S.
Melodie Griffanti
Troy Hamilton, M.S.
Janet Han, Au.D.
Julie Hartz, M.S.
Jennifer Hayes-Bist, M.S.
Mary Helwig, Au.D.
Leslie Herr
David Hicks, Au.D.
Kelley Holden, M.A.
Cherie Hsu
Alexandra Huebner
Ann Huff -Furgason
Julie Keesling, Au.D.
Christina Kerwin, Au.D.
Tara Khetrapal, M.A.
Marya Kimple, M.S.
Milica Kovijanic
Amanda Lee, Au.D
Soo Mei Lee, Au.D.
Jose Libunao, Au.D.
Jennifer M. Lien, Au.D.
Adam Lin, Au.D.
Dimitra Loomos, Au.D.
Ilian Lopez, AuD
Lea Lowrie, M.S.
Robert Madory, Au.D.
Catherine Mahaffie, Au.D.
Jennifer Malkovich
Cynthia Martzen
Donald McGillivray, AuD
Lindsey McMahan, AuD
Steve Mecham, Au.D.
Robert Miley, Au.D.
Christy Morrison
Bryan Mortensen, Au.D.
Louise Mueller, Au.D.
Sally Musko, M.S.
Joshua Nitenson, AuD
Steve Nolan, M.A.
Tyler Oakes, Au.D.
Rebecca Olvera, Au.D.
Jannette Palermo, Au.D.
Leah Perez
Vivian Philipp, M.A.
Analisa Reed, Au.D.
Dianne Rich, Au.D.
Rachel Richards
Tara Roberts, Au.D.
Erica Rodriguez
Keleigh Sanchez, Au.D.
Loveleen Sandhu, Au.D.
Beth Sandweiss, M.S.
Philip Schulz, Au.D.
Nonie Schwaderer, Au.D.
Helen Simon
Barbara Slaymaker, Au.D.
Roy Smith, Au.D.
Mark Smith, AuD
Raymond Spencer, M.S.
Michael Sperling, M.S.
David Stewart, Au.D.
Veronica Stratton, M.S.
Cara Tagg
Martha Todebush, Au.D.
Bi-Hwa Tseng, Au.D.
Doris Velasco, Au.D.
Andrea Wallace, M.S.
Kimberly Webb, Au.D.
Linda White, Au.D.
Matthew White, M.S.
Robert Wilcox, Au.D.
Lorna Wright, M.A.
Jinea Yoshimura, Au.D.
Lisa Zhou, Au.D.
Roya Ziarati
Marybeth Zill, M.S.

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